Saturday, November 30, 2013

"The Spark"

“The Spark” is about a firefighter, Donny Robertson, who goes from problem to problem as he tries to solve the killing of his friend, Fitz.  Fitz’s death looks innocent enough to everyone but Donny.  It began when Fitz and Donny answered a call that seemed to be a routine fire. Once in the building, Fitz got split up from Donny when he tried to save a man in an office, who turned out to be dead before the fire was set. Fitz was caught in the room and burned to death.  The fire was ruled an accident, but Donny thought differently.  He just could not accept what the other firefighters were saying.  So, he started to dig into the cause of the fire.  In doing so, he found himself the subject of an assassin.  However, that did not stop him from snooping around and he eventually met “The Spark”, who was hired to kill the inventor who was the original target.

“The Spark” is a first-time novel by John Kenny that was first available last month.  It is the most exciting first-time book that I have ever read.  It is full of tension and suspense.  Kenny has a background in firefighting, so it gives the reader a peek into a firefighter’s exciting life.  I, for one, am waiting for Mr. Kenny to decide to write another book, as his style is fast-paced and easy to follow.  I would suggest this book to anyone who is a fan of suspense, drama or mystery.

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