Monday, April 24, 2017

A Motive for Murder (Misty Sales Mystery #1) by Morgana Best

I love Morgana Best. "A Motive for Murder" is the first of a three book series in which Misty Sales, an Aussie journalist for a paranormal magazine, gets in the middle of a war between two witch covens. It is a true battle of good versus evil and a race to see who will find a page from a book of witchcraft that enables the holder to stay young forever.

Misty is swept off her feet by Douglas, a seemingly honest man, with good intentions. Then there is Jamie. Everyone around Misty is warning her to stay away from this man; the man who tells her to trust no one. So, what is this page that everyone is seeking and why does all her new 'friends' think that she has it? Who can she trust?

Even though it was the second time around, I enjoyed this cozy mystery and give it 5 stars.