Saturday, May 3, 2014

"The Brink" by Mark Fadden

“The Brink” by Mark Fadden, published by iUniverse, is a riveting book from the first to the last pages.  Have you ever asked yourself what it would be like if all of the power people including the multi-rich, bankers, and politicians, got together and plotted to shape “international financial conspiracies” to eventually raise them in power and create a single world government?  No more nations; no more democracy; no more freedom.  That is the premise of this edge-of-the-seat thriller. “Keeping the world balanced is a bitch sometimes.” 

The main characters, Danny Cavanaugh and Sydney Dumas, are locked together in this masterpiece of mystery and suspense.   When we first meet Danny, he is at his lowest point.  He literally has his service revolver in his mouth.  His career as a detective is all but over because he got set up on the job.  Then he met Sydney, who is running through the woods outside of Danny’s cabin, wearing nothing but her panties and bra.  She is running for her life, as men are chasing her, guns blaring.  This brings Danny out of his funk immediately, as he races out to investigate.  He finds a beautiful woman, shivering with fear.  This is the beginning of a rip-roaring time together, trying to stop the evil plot.

I normally do not go for novels that are based on government.  I love mystery; I love suspense; I love courtroom drama.  Little did I know that this book holds it all, from an outrageous lawsuit to a suspenseful plot for a single world government.  The mysterious plot is not wholly revealed to the reader until the end of the book.  Then, they encounter a most unthinkable end.  Talk about suspense and mystery?  You cannot get much better than Mr. Madden’s, “The Brink”.

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