Tuesday, January 20, 2015

"Floor Four" by A. Lopez, Jr.

Floor Four
By A. Lopez, Jr.

“Floor Four” by A. Lopez, Jr. is about three junior high school boys and their bravado. It starts with a neighbor, Jake, who tries to scare the boys away from playing in the haunted hospital across the street.  He tells a ghost story about a serial killer who dies in the hospital, which only intrigues the boys more.  They dare each other to go onto the fourth floor, the most haunted area in the building, because that’s where Coleman, the serial killer, died.  They get as far as the third floor landing, when they hear something from above…chains hitting the floor and a sickle being sharpened on the handrail.  But the serial killer is dead.  It this his ghost come back to haunt the hospital or a copycat killer who hangs out and scares kids away??
From the first page, I could see that “Floor Four” was written for a much younger audience.  It was so predictable that anyone who ever watched a slasher movie would know what to expect throughout the book.

The only thing good I have to say about this novella is that it took only a few hours to wade my way through it. If I could give this book a half star, I would.  As it is, I give it one star.  

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