Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Wedding Wipeout

The Wedding Wipeout
By Jacob M. Appel

“Wedding Wipeout”, by Jacob M. Appel, is a light hearted murder mystery with as its two main characters, Rabbi Kappelmacher and his assistant, Steinmetz.  The story starts when two elderly sisters, Florence and Lorraine, are left a substantial amount of money with one stipulation; that they should never marry. If one of them did, they would break the will and the entire estate would go to the unmarried sister.  They lived together as old spinsters for forty-three years, until Florence fell in love and decided to marry, breaking the trust.  On the wedding night, Florence mysteriously died.  When Rabbi Kappelmacher was made aware of the puzzle, he was immediately interested in solving it, and decided that he, along with his assistant, would crack the case.

Mr. Appel creates a list of characters ranging from a mischievous Rabbi and his sidekick, Steinmetz; to the nosy neighbor, who’s as bitter as she is nosy; to the playboy nephew, Fred.  “The Wedding Wipeout” kept me laughing from the beginning of this amusing story to its surprise ending.  I give this delightful book five stars and cannot wait to read Mr. Appel’s other works.

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