Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"Lost and Found" by Amy Shojai

It is an ordinary day…except that there is an unusual blizzard in North Texas, which has the whole area in an uproar.  Then the call came.  “Lost and Found” is a fictional work by Amy Shojai, in which the main character, September Day, has a past which is causing her to have difficulties facing the present.  She is plunged into a situation, which has her running, against all odds, to save her seven year old nephew, who has autism, and his companion dog.   What is worse is that there is a deadline looming over her head.  She has to stop the boy’s risky medical treatment to save his life.  But first, she has to find him. This book has it all; urgency, murder, mayhem, characters to which you can relate, and a plot that gets thicker and thicker by the moment.
This is the first fictional book that Amy Shojai has written.  She has written 26 award-winning non-fiction books about animals.  Ms. Shojai is a certified animal behavior consultant, which is more than apparent in “Lost and Found”; which, by the way, is the perfect title for this work.  She is involved with two websites, and  She also hosts an Internet pet radio show called, “CRAZY CAT Radio Show”.  Ms. Shojai brings all of this experience to the table in her fictional book.  As a result, her animal characters are rich in personality, making them easy to care about.
I found this mystery to be fast-pace and easy to read.  At times, I was literally tense with nervous excitement.  The characters, both human and animal, rang true, and I had little trouble imagining each scene.  I would suggest “Lost and Found” to anybody who enjoys a good, suspenseful book. 
The publisher is Cool Gus Publishing and, while I read the ebook, which was $4.99, it does come in paperback, which is from $9 -$11. 

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