Saturday, April 13, 2013


I was reading "One Day October", when I thought I would take a small break to give you an update.  I can barely put it down, but it is a bit scary in parts.  When I get too scared (I am a big chicken, remember), I need to stop reading and do something else.  Anything, so long as it takes away the frightening images that Mr. Parrish has put in my mind with his book.  
When I was younger, I was a lot braver.  I even read "The Exorcist" in a day.  (I am really proud of that, as if that feat would show that I am really not that much of a chicken at all.  Ha!)  I remember that day, shut in my room in my parents house.  As my eyes slid down the pages, one by one, I barely noticed, while the sun went down and I automatically turned on the reading lamp without skipping a beat.  Maybe it was because it was my parents house, and I felt safe, knowing that they were in the next room.
Well, back to reading so that I can give you a proper review next week.

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