Friday, January 13, 2017

Cross Kill by James Patterson

Cross Kill by James Patterson is a Bookshot book, meaning it is a short book (about 100-150 pages) and under $5, which is a great deal for all of us.  It is action packed from page one to the end and had my attention throughout the book.  Like all of Patterson’s book, it is spellbinding, suspenseful and thrilling. 
Alex Cross is a homicide detective who uses his PhD in psychology to get into the minds of killers.  From the first of the series, Along Came a Spider, to Cross Kill, Gary Sonji is his main adversary.  Sonji is introduced in Along Came a Spider as a psychotic kidnapper/murderer and continues to demonstrate his diabolical mind throughout the series.  Alex thinks his troubles are over when he sees Sonji die. 
Cross Kill opens with a shootout between Alex and his partner, Sampson and a gunman that Alex thinks is Sonji.  He starts seeing him everywhere, but nobody will believe him.  After all, Sonji is dead.  Or is he?

Once again, Patterson has written a bestseller. I give it five stars.

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