Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Woman on the Orient Express, by Lindsay Jayne Ashford

From the hustle and bustle of London, to the romance of Venice, to the loneliness of the dig in the desert and finally, back home to England, we travel with Agatha Christie on her adventures.  After her husband, Archie, left her for another woman, Agatha was heartbroken.  She starts a journey on the Orient Express to lose her depression. On board, she befriended two other women.  All three of them came from completely different backgrounds; each of them has a secret that they held deep in their hearts; secrets that were keeping each one miserable and alone.  Even though these women seemed to have nothing in common, they learn to trust each other with their lives.

I usually read mysteries and the romance genre just is not my thing, but I truly enjoyed this charming story.  As Ms. Ashford states, “Throughout this story, I have mixed fiction with the detail of real life.”  While I must admit, I was waiting for some of that classical Christie mystery, I wasn’t disappointed with Ms. Ashford’s romantic “The Woman on the Orient Express” and give it five stars.

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