Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"Hairspray and Homicide" by Cindy Bell

“Hairspray and Homicide” by Cindy Bell is a cozy mystery which is a series. The main character, Bekki, a top hairstylist in New York City, has just had her world cave in around her. She has lost her reason for living; her man has dumped her. She does what any girl in her position would do; she goes back to her roots. Back home, she finds her mom, dad and a long-lost love. However, she also finds herself in the middle of a feud between her mom and her mom’s business rival, which leads to murder.

This is the first cozy mystery which I have read, and while I find it a little simple, it was enjoyable to spend a few hours instead few days reading one story. Unlike most of the series that I read, I am not enticed to read the second book. I realized that a cozy mystery is by nature a shorter version of a story. However, I am used to having the characters fleshed out for me, which was not the case in “Hairspray and Homicide”. I will give the genre, Cozy Mysteries” another try at a later date.

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