Thursday, October 17, 2013

"Impulse" by Debra Webb

“His singular motive is pleasure. The only way he can feel it is by torturing his victims in the most depraved ways” (Webb). This is the profile of Eric Spears a.k.a. ‘The Player’, a serial killer and Jess’ personal stalker. Spears was introduced to us in the first book of “Faces of Evil” series by Debra Webb.  “Impulse”, the second book, takes off where the first book of the series ends. It tells the continuing the story of Jess Harris, who is hesitantly going on to the next part of her life, after leaving everything for which she had worked so hard. She was working as a profiler for the FBI, but her rogue ways led her to quit before she was dismissed. Before she knew it she had accepted the position of Birmingham’s Deputy Chief of Special Problems Unit.
“Obsession”, the series’ first book, ended with Spears kidnapping Detective Lori Wells to get Jess’ attention. In the second novel, Jess and her new unit, rush to save Detective Wells from certain death. Meanwhile, Jess and Police Chief Dan Burnett work on their personal lives together, as they work to close the case. But The Player has some tricks up his sleeve, as he tries to get them to play a dangerous game. “A grin spread across his lips.  ‘Ah… So you’re ready to play, are you?’” (Webb)

Ms. Webb writes a very tight, fast paced story which grabs the reader’s imagination from the very beginning. I enjoyed this book even more than the first, and, needless to say, I am addicted to this series.

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